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Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the pastry. Scandinavian pastry, a Nordic variety of pretzel. Pretzels were introduced by Roman Catholic top Chef Chocolat PDF in the 13th century in Denmark, and from there they spread throughout Scandinavia and evolved into several kinds of sweet, salty or filled pastries, all in the shape of kringle. In the Netherlands, a particular type of sweet kringle is well known under the Dutch name krakeling.

Vous souhaitez régaler votre famille ou vos invités… avec des cupcakes praliné-chocolat blanc, des beignets cheveux d’ange de chocolat ou encore du chocolat aux fruits confits. Grâce à ces recettes Top Chef, vous déclinerez le parfum préféré des palais dans des desserts aussi savoureux que gourmands. Parole de pro !

The shape of the kringle has given name to a similarly entangled feature found in some proteins, the so-called Kringle domain. You can help by adding to it. In Denmark, kringle denotes the pretzel-like knotted shape rather than the pretzel pastry type. Other types of kringle in Scandinavia includes saltkringler, which are small salty kringler – the Scandinavian equivalent of pretzels -, and kommenskringler which are half-hand-sized breads in the kringle shape, made from unsweetened yeast dough spiced with caraway seeds. Sukkerkringler are similar, sweet pretzels, sprinkled with sugar instead of caraway.

Kringler are pastries with a long history in Denmark, and are still popular items in modern Danish bakeries. Nowadays, kringle is usually made with only one crossing and not two, as in the original kringle and pretzel shape. Many sheets of the flaky dough are layered, then shaped into an oval. After filling with fruit, nut, or other flavor combinations, the pastry is baked and iced. Racine, Wisconsin has historically been a center of Danish-American culture and kringle making. 14 inches by 10 inches and weighing about 1.

The kringle became the official state pastry of Wisconsin on June 30, 2013. In other parts of the United States, kringle may refer to a slightly sweet buttermilk cookie shaped like a pretzel or figure eight. In Denmark, the official kringle emblem of the baker’s guild is topped with a royal crown. Here from a modern bakery shop in Ribe. Baker’s guilds in Europe have used the kringle or pretzel as a symbol for centuries. Vienna was besieged by the Turkish Ottoman armies in 1529, local bakers working in the night gave the city defence an early warning of the attacking enemy. For unknown reasons, the guild in Denmark is now the only baker’s guild in the world with official authority to display a royal crown as part of their baker’s guild trade symbol that is often hung outside of bakery shops.

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