Olivia PDF

Olivia PDF

Psychologue Dijon – Maison médicale La Olivia PDF – 5 rue des Frères Paquet – 21121 Fontaine-Lès-Dijon – Tél. 06 74 49 05 92 – Mail : olivia.

Learning to draw the figure is a foundation skill that is critical for all serious artists to develop. Unfortunately, access to good life drawing models is not possible in many areas. I’ve lived in a few of those areas and understand how frustrating it can be. That’s why I’ve collaborated with Olivia, who is an extremely talented life drawing model, to create this site. The cheese cake poses from magazines and sites such as Penthouse or Playboy are nice to look at, but those poses are one-dimensional focusing only on sensuality. The sad weary poses of your bored friends or relatives usually don’t provide much of a spark either.

Having a person pose naked is simply not enough! You need to learn from a dynamic and creative model. Obviously, drawing from a live model is best, but these collections of photos are the next best thing and will offer many challenges for growth as an artist. Photos of figure poses from most of the available books do not compare to these collections. The majority of those books were created by photographers who do not draw the figure. They also use models who do not have the exerience in figure modeling that Oliva has.

The photos in the collections below are high resolution photos that you can printout at larger sizes than you can get in any book. Creating and selling one single drawing or painting from one of these collections will easily pay for the set. These collections offer hours and hours of challenges for you to develop your drawing and observation skills. Click here to get the Reader. Read « Feet First » from the Terryvision. Drawn from Life » blog for some tips and examples on an effective way to render a standing pose.

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