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Jump to navigation Jump to search For the cruise missile, see MGM-1 Matador. The MATADOR is among the lightest in its class. The warhead is effective against both vehicle armour mathador PDF brick walls. The weapon has little backblast, making it safe for operation in confined spaces.

Mathador est un jeu mathématique destiné aux élèves du cycle 3 et à ceux des classes de 6e et de 5e. Il se joue à 2, 3 ou 4 joueurs ou en équipes de 2 ou 3 joueurs. Il permet de jouer en calculant et de calculer en jouant. Le jeu peut également donner la possibilité à un élève en difficulté de se libérer des contraintes psychologiques inhérentes à une approche plus classique du calcul et d’aborder le calcul de façon différente et plus ludique. L’apport du jeu dans la classe et les liens avec les programmes de Mathématiques font l’objet du document d’accompagnement.

The MATADOR is supposed to be capable of defeating the armour of most known armoured personnel carriers and light tanks in the world. The MATADOR’s projectile is claimed to be insensitive to wind due to its propulsion system, which results in a highly accurate weapon system. Similar to the Armbrust, the countermass counteracts the recoil of the weapon upon firing. The countermass consists of shredded plastic, which is launched out of the rear of the weapon when it is fired.

This plastic is rapidly slowed by air resistance, allowing the weapon to be fired safely within an enclosed space. Further variants of MATADOR have also been developed by Rafael and Dynamit Nobel, designed primarily for anti-structure use by soldiers operating in dense urban environments. MATADOR-MP Multi-purpose weapon with a warhead effective against a wide variety of ground targets, from light armoured vehicles to fortified positions and urban walls. As with the initial MATADOR, this is achieved with a dual-mode fuse, which has been improved on the MATADOR-MP such that it now automatically discriminates between hard and soft targets rather than requiring the operator to manually make the selection. The MATADOR saw its first combat deployment in January 2009, by Israel Defence Forces soldiers during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip. Germany: The German Army has ordered 1,000 MATADOR-AS under the name RGW90 AS with scalable anti-structure munition. Mexico: RGW60 variant, first seen in September 2018.

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