Le Portrait de Manon PDF

Le Portrait de Manon PDF

Cette page est en semi-protection longue. Manon est un prénom féminin dérivé de Marie, le Portrait de Manon PDF de Miryam, lui-même prénom d’origine hébraïque.

Title: Le Portrait de Manon
Composer: Jules Massenet
Original Publisher: Heugel

The complete score to Massenet’s Le Portrait de Manon, as originally published by Heugel in 1894.

Performer’s Reprints are produced in conjunction with the International Music Score Library Project. These are out of print or historical editions, which we clean, straighten, touch up, and digitally reprint. Due to the age of original documents, you may find occasional blemishes, damage, or skewing of print. While we do extensive cleaning and editing to improve the image quality, some items are not able to be repaired. A portion of each book sold is donated to small performing arts organizations to create jobs for performers and to encourage audience growth.

Le Manon, lieu-dit sur la commune de Septmoncel dans le Jura français. Vous pouvez toutefois en visualiser la source. Rechercher les pages comportant ce texte. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 3 août 2018 à 20:43.

Three years into his artistic directorship of The Royal Ballet, he wanted to create a large-scale operatic ballet that would provide exciting roles both for the company’s principal dancers and the corps de ballet. He left the title character open to differing dancer interpretations, but was himself sympathetic to her poverty, believing that it was her desire to escape this that underpinned her decisions. Critical responses to the opening night performance were mixed. The courtyard at the inn is frequented by actresses, gentlemen and the demimonde from Paris.

Among them are des Grieux, a young student, the wealthy Monsieur GM, and Lescaut, who is there to meet his sister Manon on her way to enter a convent. A coach arrives bringing Manon and an old gentleman who has been very much attracted to her. Lescaut notices this and takes the gentleman into the inn to come to an arrangement with him over Manon. Des Grieux is writing a letter to his father but Manon interrupts by declaring her love for him. Des Grieux goes to post the letter and in his absence Lescaut arrives with Monsieur GM.

Manon yields to GM’s advances and when des Grieux returns, Lescaut persuades him that there will be great wealth for all of them if he, des Grieux, will sanction the liaison between Manon and GM. Manon arrives at the party given by Monsieur GM and is clearly torn between the wealth of her companion and her love for des Grieux, who is also there with Lescaut. Des Grieux tries to persuade Manon to leave with him but she tells him that the time is not right and only will be when he takes more of Monsieur GM’s money at cards. Des Grieux is caught cheating and he and Manon rush away. Manon and des Grieux once again declare their love for one another but Monsieur GM arrives with the police and Manon is arrested as a prostitute. In the ensuing struggle Lescaut is killed.

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