Gide : Journal, tome 1 : 1887 – 1925 PDF

Gide : Journal, tome 1 : 1887 – 1925 PDF

Mommsen was born to German parents in Garding in the Duchy of Schleswig in 1817, then ruled by the king of Denmark, and grew up in Bad Oldesloe in Holstein, where his father was a Lutheran minister. Mommsen studied jurisprudence at Kiel from 1838 to 1843, finishing his studies with the degree of Doctor of Roman Law. During this time he was the roommate of Theodor Storm, who was gide : Journal, tome 1 : 1887 – 1925 PDF to become a renowned poet. In 1858 Mommsen was appointed a member of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin, and he also became professor of Roman History at the University of Berlin in 1861, where he held lectures up to 1887.

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7 July 1880 a fire occurred in the upper floor workroom-library of Mommsen’s house at Marchstraße 6 in Berlin. After being burned while attempting to remove valuable papers, he was restrained from returning to the blazing house. Mommsen was an indefatigable worker who rose at five to do research in his library. People often saw him reading whilst walking in the streets. Their oldest daughter Maria married Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, the great Classics scholar.

Mommsen published over 1,500 works, and effectively established a new framework for the systematic study of Roman history. He pioneered epigraphy, the study of inscriptions in material artifacts. Roman history up to the end of the Roman republic and the rule of Julius Caesar. 5 of his History of Rome, is a description of all Roman regions during the early imperial period. This systematic treatment of Roman constitutional law in three volumes has been of importance for research on ancient history. Mommsen’s critical edition of Jordanes’ The Origin and Deeds of the Goths and has subsequently come to be generally known simply as Getica. More than 1,500 further studies and treatises on single issues.

Mommsen organised countless scientific projects, mostly editions of original sources. Mommsen already had in mind a collection of all known ancient Latin inscriptions. He received additional impetus and training from Bartolomeo Borghesi of San Marino. Mommsen published the fundamental collections in Roman law: the Corpus Iuris Civilis and the Codex Theodosianus. As a Liberal nationalist, Mommsen favored assimilation of ethnic minorities into German society, not exclusion.

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